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We help you employ facial recognition for touch-less access control and streamlined on-site management.

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Product Features

Revolutionise access control with facial recognition, providing secure and touchless entry onto worksites. Streamline time management with digital inductions and manpower tracking. Collect license, competency & ticket documents automatically.

  • Logged Hours

    Hold workers accountable for their time and match it to logged hours. Match contractor invoices to hours billed. Access daily breakdowns of individuals who have accessed the site.

  • Blacklist

    Implement exclusions for unauthorised individuals. Allow access with management notification and receive real-time alerts for blacklist attempts to enter the site.

  • Secure Access

    Individually encrypted identifications on a completely secure network. Transfer full teams or a single administrator from one site to the other. No data loss, real-time results.

  • Certification

    Track approved and expiring certificates to ensure qualified onsite personnel. Set up automatic updates for certificate expiry dates to ensure workers uphold their qualifications.

  • People Management

    All your worker actions in one place. Know who is where, and when.

  • Realtime Reporting

    Up-to-date reports showing how many people are onsite, and who is on site.

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How it Works

SiteScan is an advanced people identity system developed by ScanOne, to provide real-time facial recognition to monitor and control access for construction sites.

Our bespoke software allows construction companies to gain valuable insight into their building sites through data visualisation and reporting while supporting them to meet their full Health and Safety responsibilities and remain compliant.

SiteScan uniquely identifies all people entering and exiting a construction site and immediately records their entry or exit onto your dashboard, allowing real-time insight into the number of people on-site, automated daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets based on individuals or companies, current license status and can even provide warnings to selected nominees for predetermined criteria such as licenses about to expire.

SiteScan provides a simple approach to digitally collecting, reviewing, and accessing time and attendance and compliance information saving time and money while giving peace of mind for compliance.


Simple 3-stage process

SiteScan makes it easy for high-risk job sites to comply with increasingly stringent regulations.

Install each tablet on your site

Set up entry devices at every entrance to your site. You can control and monitor these devices from your own device, from anywhere.

Upload workers’ details

Upload workers’ personal details, certificates, and information like certificate expiry dates. Workers can log in using a pin pad, fingerprint scan, facial recognition, or barcode scan.

Transparent reporting

Get up-to-date reports on sign-in times, sign-out times, and overtime. Real transparency of what’s happening on your job site.

Case Studies

Success Stories

NZ Strong

Enhancing safety and operational efficiency at NZStrong with ScanOne's SiteScan. In this case study, we delve into the partnership between ScanOne and NZStrong, focusing on their experience with our cutting-edge solution, SiteScan.

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