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Enhancing Safety and Operational Efficiency at NZStrong with ScanOne’s SiteScan

At ScanOne, we are proud to showcase the success stories of our valued clients. In this case study, we delve into the partnership between ScanOne and NZStrong, focusing on their experience with our cutting-edge solution, SiteScan. Thomas Ryan, a representative from NZStrong, shares his positive experience.

“SiteScan was used at our Pinesong project, it was a fantastic help for tracking daily numbers on-site, keeping a record of site safety requirements and when they expire. In particular, it worked really well for tracking the charge up labour we had on-site to complete the carpentry and concrete works. I look forward to using it again on another site.” – Thomas Ryan

The Challenge: Streamlining Safety Management and Labour Tracking

NZStrong, an industry-leading construction company, faced the challenge of effectively managing safety requirements and tracking labour on their project sites. They recognised the need for a comprehensive solution that would simplify safety compliance, monitor site activities, and optimise labour management processes. With multiple tasks and personnel involved, NZStrong sought an innovative technology that would streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

The Solution: SiteScan by ScanOne

To address their challenges, NZStrong turned to ScanOne’s SiteScan, a powerful platform designed specifically for the construction industry. SiteScan offers a range of features tailored to streamline safety compliance, facilitate daily reporting, and optimise labour tracking processes.

With SiteScan, NZStrong gained the ability to track daily numbers on-site efficiently. The platform provided a centralised database to record and manage site safety requirements, including their expiration dates. This ensured that safety protocols were adhered to and updated regularly, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Moreover, SiteScan proved invaluable in tracking charge-up labour on-site for the completion of crucial tasks such as carpentry and concrete works. The platform offered real-time visibility into labour allocation, allowing NZStrong to optimise resource utilisation and monitor productivity effectively.

The Results: Improved Safety Compliance and Operational Efficiency

By leveraging SiteScan, NZStrong achieved remarkable outcomes. The platform’s intuitive interface and robust functionality empowered them to:

  1. Streamline Safety Compliance: SiteScan provided a user-friendly interface to manage and track site safety requirements, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating potential risks.
  2. Optimize Labour Allocation: The platform’s labour tracking capabilities enabled NZStrong to monitor and optimise resource allocation, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.
  3. Improve Daily Reporting: SiteScan’s comprehensive reporting capabilities facilitated accurate and efficient daily reporting, enhancing transparency and communication across the project.
  4. Enhance Future Planning: With a successful implementation at the Pinesong project, NZStrong looks forward to utilising SiteScan on future sites, benefiting from its proven ability to streamline operations and enhance safety management.

At ScanOne, we are proud to have assisted NZStrong in overcoming their challenges and achieving their goals. SiteScan continues to be a trusted solution, empowering construction companies like NZStrong to drive safety, efficiency, and success in their projects.

Contact ScanOne today to learn more about SiteScan and how it can transform your construction operations, ensuring streamlined safety compliance and optimised labour management. Join the growing number of industry leaders who have embraced ScanOne’s innovative solutions for a safer and more efficient construction industry.


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