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High-risk worksites need ScanOne

After recent developments, the ScanOne system is centred around the construction industry. Due to such high-risk worksites and the increased level of Health & Safety, ScanOne decreases risk from a compliance standpoint. ScanOne assists to record, report and remind workers of upcoming competencies and eliminates incorrect induction to sites.
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Certification Management

As an often unmanageable task, ScanOne takes care of all certifications in one place. The ScanOne software conducts real-time reporting to provide information on any non-compliant certificates or advise companies on upcoming renewals. This tool provides security safety to site owners by ensuring all workers are compliant with Health & Safety regulations.

Secure Access for Health & Safety

With strict Health & Safety site-based requirements, ScanOne has an impeccable relationship with OSH to provide proof of compliance. If any OSH discrepancies appear, ScanOne will alert a warning to the administrator, requesting for manual entry. With certificate, induction and competency integrations automatically installed, Health & Safety conformity is guaranteed.
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Residential or Commercial

ScanOne has the capability to provide access control for both residential and commercial properties. ScanOne systems do not have a restriction on numbers of workers and with four manageable options for access, can comply with any company arrangements. The software has security at the forefront, therefore, provides secure reassurance to residential property owners for surveillance of goods on-site.


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