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We believe that it shouldn’t be hard to manage who’s on a job site, what their qualifications are and who shouldn’t be there.

That’s why we founded Scan One in 2015. ScanOne uses proprietary technology to make it easy for contractors to sign in to high-risk worksites. More importantly, we make it easy for managers to see who’s on the site at any given time.

ScanOne takes advantage of a major technological development: the rise of biometric identification. By using fingerprints and facial recognition, ScanOne gives managers the assurance that their reports match the reality of who’s on the job site.

We have grown to become a trusted specialist in biometric security technology for the construction industry – managing more than 7,000 contractors a day, in construction sites all over the world.

We’re proud to be a New Zealand based company, with offices in the USA and customers all over the world.

In 2016, ScanOne was awarded the NZIOB “Safety Excellence” Award.

Our Team


Tristan Bailey

Co-founder, Managing Director

In June 2015 I launched ScanOne. This is a new product to the market and was developed to assist the construction industry, we have had great success working with industry-leading construction companies throughout NZ managing their site access, health & safety, and contractor management. We manage around 7400 contractors a day from construction companies like Fletchers, NZ Strong, China Construction, Aspec, NZ Strong, Dominion, Ebert and many more.

terrance wallace

Terrance Wallace


Driven entrepreneur and innovative executive leader with 20+ years of experience in the non-profit leadership space. Proven history of success in the design and development of building organizations from the ground up. An entrepreneur with a tremendous heart and passion for helping teams achieve their mission. Strong background in business development, strategic planning, consulting, fundraising, and marketing.

My articulate and inclusive style of communication works well with bringing the right people to solve any problem and manage project challenges to a desired outcome.  My current focus is on our USA market developments.

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