3 Key Benefits of Real-Time Reporting for Worksite Emergency Response

Feb 9, 2021

Site management in New Zealand comes with the heavy burden of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of workers and contractors who operate within the site on a day-to-day basis. In industries such as construction – where there are many high-risk factors that employees work around daily, thorough planning and preventative measures can minimize the chances of an accident from occurring.

In the event of an emergency on any worksite, swift action must be taken and critical information made available to both emergency responders and site managers alike. This is where real-time reporting shows a key strength by instantly allowing users to access crucial information that help all personnel deal with the situation as it unfolds. 

We take a look at some of the valuable ways in which real-time reporting can aid and improve emergency response to workplace accidents for all parties involved.

What is real-time reporting?

Real-time reporting is the process of gathering specific data and delivering it to users instantly. ScanOne uses real-time reporting, alongside other features to tell users information such as exactly who is onsite at any given time – information that is invaluable in an emergency situation.

Accurate Information

Real-time reporting gives you instant access to accurate information that can be crucial in the event of an emergency and can help reduce any confusion that may arise. Being able to instantly identify what happened, and who it happened to allows site managers to quickly pass along relevant information to responding emergency services immediately. It can also help reduce confusion, as site managers have a complete picture of who was onsite during the incident, and take the next steps of the investigation.

Decision Making

Site management is primarily based on well informed decision making, and in an emergency situation a site manager needs accurate information as soon as it’s available. The advantage of ScanOne is that they have instant access to all the relevant information needed. There is no need to laboriously work through spreadsheets, hard copies or other physical records. This will alleviate stress and pressure that both an incident and the subsequent investigation can generate by ensuring that a complete attendance and accurate certification record is produced, allowing managers to focus on their attention on supporting staff and making measured and informed decisions.


Time is one of the most important factors involved in managing an emergency situation, and this is where the benefits of real-time reporting naturally show the most benefit. Emergency responders can be provided with relevant information on individuals involved in the incident, while site managers have instant online access to the ScanOne system and are able to make quick decisions to manage the situation. Simply having instant access to all relevant information speeds up the response to any workplace incident for all parties involved. 

Real-time reporting can benefit and aid emergency response in worksites for all parties involved, from managers to emergency responders. Being able to instantly access accurate relevant information allows informed decisions to be made quickly and decisively, removing confusion from the situation – and most importantly saving valuable time.

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