What is the best Biometric Access Control System?

Dec 14, 2020

Workplace security is a constantly evolving field which forms one of the core principles of any business. Being able to secure both physical and intellectual property is usually a number one priority, so it’s important for companies to find the security system which is appropriate for their needs. With a wide range of companies and systems available on the market it’s important for customers to get the right information needed to make their own decisions.

We took a look at some of the common alternatives that companies may see on the market, weighing up the pro’s and con’s to show you why ScanOne offers no-brainer solutions to the majority of workplace security needs with top of market biometric security access systems alongside a full suite of supporting features. 

Firstly, What Does ScanOne Offer? 

ScanOne offers 4 security access systems ranging from the most cost effective, easy to use solutions to more high end, biometric security systems. These include; Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Scanning, Keypad Entry and Barcode Access. 

Alongside each security access system, ScanOne has a full suite of features that can be implemented to further aid your business’ security and monitor each worksite. 

ScanOne’s features give you a further insight into your workers real identity, allowing a business to be in complete control of their personnel management, including worker certification, logged hours and the capability to blacklist any unwanted persons from your worksite. 

ScanOne doesn’t just focus on providing top of the market security systems – with our added suite of features we give businesses a secure workplace and the tools needed to get the full picture of how each workplace is running on a day-to-day basis. 

What Are The Alternatives? 

When looking at companies that offer access control systems, you’ll notice that there are many that offer a wide range of solutions for a wide range of NZ workplaces. However most of these companies focus on providing security systems for a very wide range of businesses – with risk factors ranging from minimal to high, and as such may have a more general approach when it comes to your workplaces security needs. 

There are many choices of systems that a company can choose to implement – it really comes down to the specific needs of your business, and while companies that offer a wide range of solutions may seem to be a safe choice, they often offer less specialised equipment that may not necessarily be the right system for you. 

When we look at our competitors, one thing we notice is that they might also offer their own physical access control systems alongside their electronic access control systems. While this may seem like an easy and complete package to use, it also means you don’t have the freedom of choice of your own physical access system – rather you have to go with the system chosen by the company. 

Another aspect we notice is the lack of continued support or features for the implemented security system. It’s all too easy for a company to complete the installation then call the job done – they’ll continue to support the company with maintenance and tech support, however they will rarely go the extra mile to provide features that compliment their system and help their clients use their systems to their full potential. 

The main takeaways we see when we look at alternative companies is that without a specific focus – many of these companies offer general solutions for all kinds of businesses, without taking into account any specific needs. We also notice that many alternative companies focus simply on the security systems themselves, and as there is very little difference between the systems available they usually fall short when it comes to offering the features and support that a business actually requires. 

A No-Brainer Option 

This brings us to ScanOne, and the things we’ve done to create a business that we feel is a no-brainer option when compared to the competition. 

Firstly, we specialize in high-risk worksites – which means we have a plan on how to protect those workplaces that are most at risk. By specialising in high-risk worksites, we stay on top of the most recent developments and innovation that come out of the security sector, and ensure all our products are kept up to date and are protected against any new threats as they pop up. 

Secondly, we offer a smaller range of electronic security access systems – which means that we find quality systems that are the most efficient and customer friendly while offering top of the range security features. Instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach – we identified the systems most appropriate for high-risk workplaces and work with our clients to implement them in a way which is right for their business. Instead of pushing physical access systems, we’ve found systems that can be adapted to physical access systems of the customers choice. 

And finally, we offer so much more than a simple security access system. We recognise that the system is only half of the service we provide our clients – and as such we’ve developed a range of features that are designed to work hand in hand with each security system. 

Instead of simply providing a security system, ScanOne provides a range of features that are work alongside the security system, giving each business owner an in-depth and irrefutable overview on the goings on of each workplace – from ensuring the right people are working where they should be, health and safety certificates are up to date, and that each invoice matches the completed work. 

By going above the usual expectations for security access companies, ScanOne stands out from the alternatives as a company that not just provides top of the range security access systems, but a full range of support that allows companies to get the most of those systems.

Get in touch with us if you need any help or advice on your Biometric journey. If you’re looking to prioritise the integrity of your site and easily manage people, certifications, blacklists and more, you can download more information here or contact us today.

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