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Introducing the ScanOne Container: a bespoke access control solution designed to streamline entry points with cutting-edge technology. Our custom-built container features state-of-the-art ScanOne turnstiles, meticulously crafted to meet modern access control demands. Versatility is at the core of the ScanOne Container. Its mobile design allows effortless relocation to adapt to your site's evolving requirements, ensuring seamless integration wherever it's needed. Crafted, supplied, and meticulously maintained by Vision Systems, the ScanOne Container epitomizes innovation, reliability, and security in access control solutions.

Product Features

The monthly fee covers:

1. The entire container has turnstiles, emergency exit gate, lights, power supplies, etc.
2. 12 site visits from our techs onsite per year to resolve any faults or training if needed, and 2 x 6 monthly maintenance services per year.
3. The client normally undertakes delivery to the site, but if needed, we can arrange for you, and charge accordingly. We supply the containers from our main offices (akld, well, chch).
4. Depending on the availability of turnstiles, it could take 6 to 8 weeks to supply the container fitted out. We obviously try for a quicker turnaround (under one month) where possible.

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