Biometric Access Software: How it works

Biometric scanner

How ScanOne Works

ScanOne makes it easy for high-risk jobsites to comply with increasingly stringent regulations.

First, you set up entry devices at every entrance to your site. You can control and monitor these devices from your own device, from anywhere.

Next, you upload workers’ personal details, certificates and important information like certificate expiry dates.

Workers can then login using a Pin Pad, fingerprint scan, facial recognition or barcode scan. It’s quick and hassle-free, with no need for time-consuming training.

The uploaded certificates and expiry dates mean that workers without the right certification can’t enter your site until they get it up to date – reducing significant health and safety risk for your business.

Finally, you get up-to-date reports on things like sign in times, sign out times and overtime. Real transparency of what’s happening on your jobsite.

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Pin pad scanning software
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ScanOne Setup

Setup your business account

Clarify who has access to the site, and when. Add any customisation, such as your logo and welcome messages.

Download the app

Download the app on the devices you’ll be using at your entrances. Make sure you have internet access, then just login to your business account. 

Install each tablet on your site

ScanOne integrates with all traditional access control systems. You can also add external hardware such as biometric finger scanners.

ScanOne tablet app

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