ScanOne Access Software Features

Biometric scanner


Logged Hours

More clarity over what’s happening on your site.

Hold workers accountable for their time and match it to logged hours. Match contractor invoices to hours billed. Access daily breakdowns of individuals who have accessed the site.


Track approved and expiring certificates to ensure you have qualified people onsite. Set up automatic updates for certificate expiry dates to ensure workers uphold their qualifications.


Exclude people who should no longer have access to the worksite. You can also allow access with notification to management, and get a real-time notification when someone on your blacklist tries to enter your site.

People Management

All your worker actions in one place. Know who is where, and when.

Secure Access

Individually encrypted identifications on a completely secure network.

Realtime Reporting

Up-to-date reports showing how many people are onsite, and who is on site.

Multi Worksites

Transfer full teams or a single administrator from one site to the other. No data loss, real-time results.

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Facial Recognition

This is the most secure of the four options because it uses unique facial identifiers. And no need for additional hardware. Just use the tablet’s camera.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fastest biometric security point. Workers gain access easily and quickly. Additional hardware required.

Pin Pad Access

Most simple, but less secure. Works best as a backup, as personal codes can be lost or forgotten – increasing security risk and slowing your jobsite down.

Barcode Access

Great for multi-access sites with high traffic flow. Just give each worker a card with a bar code. Requires a scanner extension.


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