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Protecting peoples wellbeing

SafeGaming is an advanced people identity system developed in partnership with the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s Concern Database, to provide real-time facial recognition for gaming venues throughout New Zealand.

SafeGaming partners with licensed gaming venues, allowing them to effortlessly achieve compliance, future-proofing their business against potential risk.

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Harm Minimisation

With harm minimisation at the forefront of SafeGaming’s technology, our bespoke system allows gaming venues to meet their full responsibilities and remain compliant. 

Furthermore SafeGaming has additional custom-built functionality to allow your business to take a proactive approach to harm minimisation.

Key Features

    • Cutting-edge high-definition cameras
    • High quality images for easy detection
    • Real-time platform generating immediate alerts to venue staff
    • Custom-built functionality provides helpful prompts to staff, guiding them through the assessment required following a detection
    • Easy integration with existing business processes
    • Ability to set up alerts to designated contacts, providing an extra layer of security. (i.e. managers, business owners)
    • Gaming Room Sweep alerts with customizable questions, alarms and reporting
    • Unique staff user codes allowing easy tracking and key reporting on staff time-frames to resolve alarms
    • Age and gender detection
    • Extensive reporting



certificate management

Meeting our obligations

A real-time platform, custom-built to meet the responsibilities of licensed gaming venues and achieve compliance which is fully integrated with New Zealand’s Ministry of Health Concern Database, meeting all security and privacy requirements, while partnering with New Zealand Gaming Venues to futureproof your business.

SafeGaming is designed, developed and supported in New Zealand, with 7 Years market experience providing 24/7 support.

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